From the start, I was clearly aware that many of the gents I used to hook up with at Dartford escorts of were kind of well off. At the other escorts agencies, I used to work for in London, the gents seemed to have a different lifestyle. The gentlemen who used Dartford escorts services, were always taking the girls out for dinner, and in general seemed to be enjoying life to the max. I kind of liked that, and from my previous experience, I knew that I could turn it to my advantage.

If you like, I had become kind of an accidental gold digger. I don’t know why, but most of the time I ended up dating gents who were rather well off. They seemed to appreciate my company, and I must admit that many of them did indeed show their appreciation in different ways. Getting nice little presents was common place, and to be honest, I cannot remember the last time I bought a perfume or body lotion. They seem to turn up nicely gift wrapped in little packages.


I did not expect anything special of any of my dates at Dartford escorts, but I realised that one or two of them would be good private dating materials. We are not really meant to date gents privately, but sometimes it just happens. I had learned how to make a guy fall in love me, and pick the right guys for the task. It sounds like I use men, but I don’t really. Honestly, I do not go out to exploit them, rather to enjoy myself and make their lives more enjoyable.


But that does not stop me from planning ahead, and there a few things I have learned. If your gent is a keen golfer, listen to him talk about his golf clubs. A couple of the gentlemen at Dartford escorts were keen golfers, and with a glass of wine in my hand, I used to sit their listen to them talking about their golf clubs. From experience I had learned that fitted Ping or Mizuno golf clubs, were the most expensive ones. The gents with the most expensive golf clubs were often the most generous ones, and I don’t have a problem with hanging around golf courses.


After that, I do listen to if a guy has been divorced. If a man has been divorced, it is much more likely that he is not going to have much room for you in his budget, and you may even get very low tips. Married men are often very generous as they like to charm you, but the best ones are the nerds. They often have a hard time finding a girlfriend, and in the end, they do end up dating girls like Dartford escorts. It sounds terrible really, but if you are clever about it, there are a lot more things that you can get out of your escort career than just money. At least you don’t need to worry about playing tax on them.