One of the girls that I normally date at Bow escorts invited me to a party in a club in Soho in London. I was more than happy to go as she is one of my favorite escorts, but what I did not know what, was that the club was a transvestite club. I was a bit shocked at first but eventually I started to chill out. It was a different experience, and I just decided to go with the flow.

After a little while, and a few drinks with the girls from Bow escorts, I really started to chill out and have some fun. To my surprise, I really enjoyed the company of the transvestites. They turned out to be a great bunch of people, and we partied on way into the small hours of the following morning. Yes, I was a bit merry but I was still in control of my senses. As I went to leave, one of the guys gave me a kiss on my lips and for some reason I really enjoyed it.

The next time, I saw Shirley back at Bow escorts. I had to tell that I had been able to think about little else. That kiss had actually felt really good, and in the back of my mind, I knew that I wanted to see the guy again. Not that I wanted to have a full blown out relationship with him, but I sort of wanted the pleasure of his company. Yes, he had looked absolutely stunning dressed as a woman, but more than anything, I felt that I wanted to feel his touch.

It felt really awkward telling all of this to one of my favorite escorts at Bow escorts, but it did not seem to bother Shirley at all. She knew who I meant, and she was more than happy to arrange the date. I still wasn’t sure but I did ask her if she could set up the date in another famous bar in Soho, just so that I could enjoy another night out. She promised me that she would, and a couple of days later, I met my transvestite friend in all his glory in Soho. We had a great time, and soon became friends.

Now, I realize that my new friend has two different personalities. Like I said, to Shirley at Bow escorts from, this is just really a nice guy. In a way, we both really like each other, and I spend time with both of new friend personalities. Sometimes he thrashes me on the golf course, but the next weekend he is my glamorous companion for a pub crawl around Soho. We have a great time together, and it is nice to have a friend who is different. Am I homosexual? No, I am not but I still enjoy the company of my unusual good friends.