It was a Thursday afternoon and after yet another sleepless night I just needed comfort. My husband had died a few weeks earlier. I had loved my husband but once he was gone I realized that I loved you more. Honestly, I would have left Bow escorts for you but you never asked me to marry you. I wish that you had done, but for some reason you could not bring yourself to say those words or make the commitment to me. In my heart of hearts, I know that you have always regretted it.

My husband dying came as a surprise. After all, he was just a few years older than myself and I never expected it. We had met on a day off from Bow escorts and I fell instantly in love with him. It was a brief love affair that lead to a marriage and a wonderful daughter. It is strange but there are days when I think that you are the father that my child should have had. Your sense of commitment to her as always amazed me, and I keep wondering if you love her more than her father ever did.

It was kind of you to take us in after my husband died. I did not realize that we were in terrible debt, and the bailiffs were almost at the door. I did have some of the money left that I had earned at Bow escorts. However by no stretch of imagination was the money enough to pay for all of the debts that my husband and his gambling habit had racket up. I knew that I would have to do something but I have to be honest and say that I never expected you to come to our rescue.

But, you did come to our rescue, and the money that I had earned from Bow escorts are still safely in the bank. Keep it you said, you never know when you may really need it. Today, I feel like a different person, and I know that I still love you a lot. There will always be two men in my life, but you will always be my rock. I love the way you love me, and the way you love my daughter. You may not know this, but I think that she loves you just as much.

Bow escorts from and that kind of lifestyle is a million miles away now. I am watching you sleep quietly with your arms around the pillow. You have always slept like that and it is a bit like you are cuddling the world. I worry that my daughter is going to come in to find us, but I think that she would just accept it. You have a few more grey hairs on your head and a furrow between your eyebrows, but it does not matter. No matter what they say, you are still all mine and you will always will be.