Being a bisexual has definitely open my eyes up to understanding the human race a little bit better. I’ve been able to intimately get to know base the male and female sex how they think and how they react when their emotions are high. When I am in a relationship with a woman a lesbian relationship I find that it is a lot easier flowing as you’re working with another human being who understands your ebs and flows. Being with a woman they understand that in the morning you just want to take a moment out to yourself feel present in your own body then become clean before you want to be fully active and engaging in any kind of tactile activity with another human being. Men on the other hand do you not give two hoots about personal hygiene all they want is to touch and feel you and have sex with you at the moment they open their eyes. Being in a relationship with both men and women this is definitely the part where I appreciate women more as there is nothing more important than respecting yourself a soon as you wake up rather than being a tool of satisfaction even if it is for someone you love.


Being bisexual has benefited me in my workplace as well. I work for London escorts at London X City Escorts in the city and I get to date many hi class individuals with men and women. Being a high-class London escort has so many benefits the experiences that you get to have by going on dates with people who are literally from different worlds and coaches is 2nd to none. I feel particularly blessed as I get to experience twice the amount is any of my heterosexual London escort friends because I get to date men and women.


A lot of the girls from London escorts have asked me is it harder to be a lesbian than it is to be as heterosexual Wells to them the majority of the time is no. I think there is a common misconception where women are more difficult in a relationship therefore if you have two women in a relationship they must Butthead is quite often however your find that that doesn’t happen as often as one may think. The reason why I believe this is and the reason I explain to my friends that London escort is because women have an unspoken respect for each other’s personal space and privacy and it doesn’t have to be something that is explained or set out as a rule when he start dating so it’s quite easy to get on with another woman in a relationship. The one thing I say that is lacking in a lesbian relationship is most definitely testosterone and full penetration. There is something quite attractive about testosterone however the majority of the time women tend to like it in small doses which can’t always happen if you are in a heterosexual relationship.