It’s funny how ex-boyfriend is he been separated from awhile and you are the actual reason for your break up in the first place and always feel so jealous when you’re with someone new. You think the fact that they either broke up with you or their cause of the break up would wear them for feeling any sort of control or affiliation with you however this seems not to be the case.


This is such a typical topic at Charlotte Chatham escorts of as many of the girls who work for London escort find that their ex boyfriends are super jealous about them dating other people even though they’ve broken up. Some of the stories I’ve heard from London escort is actually quite scary. They had ex-boyfriend‘s come to their actual workplace to try and take them home to prevent them from going on dates and actually doing their work. Other ladies have reported that ex-boyfriend have waited for them outside their houses after their shifts at Charlotte Chatham escorts just to see that they got home safely. Although this is their excuse we all know they just wanted to know whether or not they were out all night and what they were doing even though they no longer have any right to know what any of their exes have been up to.


This kind of behaviour definitely something that women in London Tesco’s do not understand. If you’re broken up you’re broken up why would you bother wanting to know what your ex partner was up to when its got nothing to do with you anymore. But still for some reason these ex boyfriends insist on being part of their ex-girlfriend lives.


Some of the girls from London escort who have moved on and found new boyfriends find this type of behaviour from the ex-boyfriend is very disturbing and quite disrespectful towards the new relationship. The funny thing is you think that the ex-boyfriend‘s pride and ego are kicking because she’s with somebody knew he would back off but it seems any fuel this dysfunctional behaviour of wanting to have more control over their ex-girlfriend‘s.


A lot of Charlotte Chatham escorts have had to get the police involved and actually a restraining order not because they were fearful of their lives but just simply because it was just causing too much problems in their relationship where the ex partner simply would just not need them alone I want it to still have full control over their lives.


I personally think that’s a bit dramatic however in hearing some of the stories I love the escort tell me I can see why they’ve had to go down that route. Thankfully I’ve never had to get the police involved with my ex when he was acting out of sorts and at the time I didn’t have a boyfriend so I had no additional pressure to deal with this dysfunctional behaviour but I did threaten to go to the police if he didn’t back down and that seem to work.