As a London escort at I’ve been around many people and had to give lots of advice for many years about their relationships. One thing I’ve learnt whilst working at 92 relationships are the same and definitely no two people are the same either. Relationships do take time and work they are romanticised in Hollywood and on the television for being this ultimate thing that is needed and desired and can make you as an individual feel whole. But the real fact is that you don’t need to be in a relationship to be you entire person or the person who you want to be in your life.



Now being in a relationship isn’t all that bad many of the girls here in London escorts are in relationships and they absolutely love their partners so it’s not about it being all negative at all its just I wanted to stress the fact that you don’t need to be in a relationship if you don’t want to. Now relationships consists of two individuals who have common interest or common goals they tend to share these goals with each other and share an interest in them which sparks a desire for them wanting to be in each other’s company more often. Now if attraction wasn’t one of the first things that came about in a relationship it definitely will come about after two individuals to spend more time together. After years and years of being in a committed relationship each individual begins to understand the crucial fact that they and their partners are not identical. And this is where the problems begin.


Because you and your partner are not exactly the same they are going to be sometimes when there is conflict in opinion and also in action. At the end of the day you can’t expect someone to agree with you 100% you’re all individuals with that in mind and thought processes and experiences. So the arguments have started and you’re starting to doubt your compatibility with your partner. Some people stay together through loyalty because of obligations like money or children others want to give their relationship a fighting chance because they’re fearful of being alone. Over all the years of being a London escort and seeing all of these examples in relationships who is only one piece of advice that I would tell every single one of my clients that I meet at London escort.


In order to have a stressfree relationship there are two steps that you need to take. One you need to be self-sufficient and self loving before committing yourself to any other person.

To you need to care less about the arguments or the conflicts or the differences in opinions once you have confidence in the fact that you are right and also the humility to except when you are wrong there is no need to care about petty this arguments. These are some of the things I tell my clients at London escorts all the time and nine times out of 10 I saved some relationships from divorce.