I like dating guys, and working for Charlotte London Enfield Escorts is not the only thing that I do. As a sideline, I am a bit of a Sugar Babe to a male in his 50’s. I do not know what came over me, but I was a bit bored one Saturday and registered among those Sugar babe websites which are now so popular here in Berkshire. You would have believed that I would get enough of guys at Charlotte London Enfield Escorts, but I do miss when I am on my own sometimes.

Anyway, it was a little a joke, and when I got a reply I was a bit stunned. His name was Trevor, and he was 57 years of ages. He sounded rather great and I chose not to tell him about Charlotte London Enfield Escorts in case that he got the wrong impression of me. Instead, I did what so many other ladies at Charlotte London Enfield Escorts do, I kept my personal life and my Charlotte London Enfield Escorts profession. Trevor believes that I work in a grocery store which is type of my cover task from Charlotte London Enfield Escorts anyhow.

Trevor and I met up over coffee one Saturday afternoon in a rainy Berkshire. I never ever work for Charlotte London Enfield Escorts on a Saturday so it was the ideal time to meet. I had actually simply finished my shift at the supermarket and I must confess that I was rather delighted to meet Trevor. He sounded various from the guys that I meet at Charlotte London Enfield Escorts. I do date a great deal of rich men at Charlotte London Enfield Escorts, however much of them do not have what my Trevor has, which is style. He is just a very stylish and sexy gent and I love to spend time with him.

Because Trevor got divorced a few years back, he has actually never ever been in an individual relationship as he likes to call it. He says that his confidence was knocked sideways when his wife left him for another man. I can inform, sometimes he discovers like a little young boy lost but I have to confess that I like that about him. He so much sweeter than a lot of the men I date at Charlotte London Enfield Escorts. Trevor says that he likes to delight in female business however at the same time, he is unsure if he would like to be in a relationship again.

Unlike numerous other separated guys in his 50’s, Trevor is not except money. A number of the guys I date at Charlotte London Enfield Escorts remain in their 50’s and short of cash. They are always after fast dates. Trevor is not like that at all. Rather, he likes to take me out for the day, and invest some quality time with me. The only issue is that I think that I am beginning to fall in love with Trevor. The other Sunday he took me sailing and I was so pleased that I thought that I was going to die. Anticipate males in their 50’s to be a little bit embeded in their ways, but at the same time, you may find that their lives are a lot more exciting than males in their 20’s and 30’s. Satisfying Trevor has actually made me understand why I like to date slightly older males at Charlotte London Enfield Escorts.